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When owning a home, you take on many risks and responsibilities. As a homeowner, you want to ensure you are protected on all fronts. TFG Home & Auto helps you shop around for the best homeowners insurance for the best price. Flooding, natural disasters & fires are only a few potential incidents you need to consider when selecting a plan.  Talk with an independent agent to find out what else you should have in your coverage. This varies per location and individual, so instead of selecting the cheapest option, make sure your agent fully understands your unique situation.

Devastating accidents, natural disasters, loss and other unexpected events can’t be predicted. Insurance helps your family recover from these circumstances. From choosing the right policy to filing a claim with your insurance company, we are here to get you the best homeowners insurance for the best price..

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"Mike Sperrazza reviewed and changed my insurance policies...he is saving me close to $3,000.
I remember times where $3,000 wasn't a big deal...today, for me, IT IS!
This is a spectacular team...people with hearts that enjoy the activity of helping people.
Cathy Z.
Happy Client