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What is Liability Insurance Exactly?

Liability insurance is a part of almost every single home and auto policy. So, why does it matter and how does it apply to each type of policy? Let’s break it down:

Liability Insurance for Homeowners

Every standard homeowners policy includes liability insurance. This is in place to protect you as a homeowner against lawsuits for damage/injuries caused to others while on your property.

For example, imagine the mailman slips and falls on some black ice while walking up your driveway. Unfortunately, he falls and dislocates his shoulder. Liability insurance protects you from incurred medical and legal costs, should you be found responsible for the incident. Accidents happen, and sometimes the resulting outcomes can be costly. Make sure you are protected by a policy with ample liability coverage, because you never know when you’ll need it. You’ve heard the saying, better safe than sorry!

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Liability Insurance for Drivers

Similarly to homeowners insurance, liability for auto insurance protects drivers from costs associated with injuries of other drivers/pedestrians when found at fault for an accident. Crashes can be expensive, but liability coverage lessens the financial impact.

Liability coverage requirements are different from state to state, so make sure you are informed on what your policy needs are. A trusted independent insurance agent will keep you up to date on policy requirements and handle the specifics for you. That’s just one of the many benefits they offer! If you are in need of one, call us today at (855) 834-2886 or click here to fill out our complimentary review form!

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