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Does Your Insurance Agent Make You a Priority?

The insurance industry in America has found itself in a volatile and unstable state recently. With constant changes in market conditions, high levels of inflation, implications of the pandemic, and extreme climate events on the rise, premium rates continue to rise. In 2021 alone, natural disasters led to $120 billion in insurance payouts (Munich Re, 2021). Claim rates keep going up, putting insurance carriers in a tough position financially. In the first quarter of 2022, we’ve already seen insurance prices increase by 12% (Marsh, 2022). The overall profitability of the industry is trending downward for major carriers, and customers are feeling the impact. Some companies are prioritizing profit over the wellbeing of clients, and many are left feeling betrayed. In times like this, it’s important to ask the question: Does your insurance agent make you a priority?

The Captive Agent Dilemma

We recently saw a major insurance giant cut back on customer resources in multiple states, including New York. This is an attempt to reduce overhead costs in response to the increased frequency of accidents and claims. They are no longer taking phone sales via call centers, but are instead pushing online platforms. There is far less customer assistance in this case, and people are left frustrated and confused by the user interface of these platforms. As market conditions continue to worsen, this trend will likely escalate. When you are insured through a captive agent working for a single carrier, you can fall victim to unexpected restructuring like we are seeing now. Without the variety of options you would realize by shopping through an independent agent, you are stuck having to absorb increased costs and decreased coverages.

Utilizing an Independent Insurance Agent

You shouldn’t feel sabotaged by your insurance experience. By utilizing an independent agent, you give yourself options. They will shop a variety of carriers whenever you have a policy issue, finding you the best plan within current market conditions. Long standing client relationships are what matter most to independent agents, not short term profitability. They make decisions based on what benefits you and your family most, instead of their own self interest.

If you are in need of a trusted independent insurance agent, we’ve got you covered! At TFG Home & Auto, our goal is to provide exceptional service to our clients while optimizing their customer experience. We shop over 25 insurance companies to get you the right coverage at the best rate. Call us today at (855) 834-2886 for a complimentary policy review, or click here to fill out our policy review form!

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